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Happy 2011!!

Annual (albeit late thus memory might be fuzzy) first post of the year!

First Restaurant To Be At: Alice Fazooli's
First 'Happy New Year' to and from: Alex and Eileen
First Kiss on Cheek to and from: Alex
First Hug to and from: Alex
First Drink: Champagne
First Outfit: white dress shirt and black sleeveless cardigan from Dynamite, dark wash skinny jeans
First Shoes Worn: Light brown heel boots
First Text to: Shari, Josh and Lacey
First Text from: Shari
First Worry: Alex's camera getting spilled in champagne xD
First Song Heard: Bad Romance by Lady Gaga
First Radio Station Listened To: Virgin 99.9
First Pissed Off Moment: Coming back to my apartment discovering crappy male roomie
First House Drama: Male sublettor moving in before consent and being disrespectful of our belongings + stinking up the place with smoke and weed
First Movie Watched: Julie & Julia
First Show Watched: Some Day (TVB drama)
First Close-To-Tears Moment: Around 4am
First Shower: Around 7pm on Jan 2
First Meal Made: Assorted Asian balls (lmao, there are no other ways to describe this) with baby corn, peas, pepper, and water chestnuts
First MSN Name: --- & call your name
First MSN pm: ...there's gotta be a better way for me to say what's on my heart without leaving
First MSN Display Picture: Christmas rainbow ornaments
First Flash Game Played: Christmas Shuffle on deadwhale
First "Rebellious" Moment: Not changing Facebook status to say Happy New Year since everyone else was doing it
First Swear: Fucking -- to the stupid new male sublettor that decided to clog kitchen sink with candle wax
First "wtf" Moment: Alex screaming Happy New Year suddenly in the car
First "Serenade": Alex finding my old guitar and playing songs on it while singing
First "<3" to and from: Shari
First Pain: My brothers pointy head into my collar bone area
First Wave of Nausea: Around 5am
First Thing I Ate: Udon in chicken broth and two eggs
First Family Member Spoken to: Grandma
First Urge To Go Clubbing: During trip back to Waterloo and grooving to music
First Picture Taken: Eileen, Alex and Me in 'Happy New Year' party hats

~Amy [wishes everyone more happiness than 2010 =)]



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(Deleted comment)
Jan. 3rd, 2011 06:20 pm (UTC)
Sigh, stupid male sublettors...
Jan. 3rd, 2011 11:00 pm (UTC)
Whoa, we need to talk soon! Who's this sublettor? x_x Miss you. <3
Jan. 5th, 2011 07:07 am (UTC)
Oh. SO much drama.
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