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Wishlist 2010

I wish for...

¤ Makeup (in a separate post for your eyes sake, here.)
¤ Clothes
        ▪ Waist belt (simple and versatile)
        ▪ Dresses
        ▪ For Winter would be nice
        ▪ Nice warm gloves
        ▪ Super comfy PJs =)
        ▪ Socks
¤ Mangas
        ▪ We Were There vol. 12
¤ Jewelry (Simple, not too much "bling", silver usually)
¤ Side Purse bag (like those Coach ones that has a long strap that goes across your front)
¤ A nice long wallet that can hold change, and LOTS of cards (once again, simple and sleek)
¤ Pretty shot glass xD
¤ Electronically run Essence Oil burner
¤ New school bag (with pocket for phone and small stuff, pockets on the sides for thermos, preferably shoulder bag)
¤ Medium sized make up bag (good for travel)
¤ Hand soap (from Bath and Body Works)
¤ A good hand lotion (L'Occitane...?)
¤ Tweezers
¤ Nail Filer
¤ Tweezerman Lash Comb
¤ After Eight chocolates, Lindt dark chocolates
¤ A shoe rack of a sort that can fit into my room...? o.o;
¤ I think it's time for a new soft hugging pillow. xD
¤ New glasses!
¤ Sunglasses (not huge ones, it doesn't work on my face)
¤ Ice wine =)
¤ A hair straightner
¤ Fun board games! (Drinking and non-drinking ones... good for party ;D)
¤ Gift cards (Seriously guys, I WANT THESE)
        ▪ Dynamite
        ▪ Le Chateau
        ▪ Chapters
        ▪ La Senza
        ▪ Victoria's Secret (*cough*Hint*cough*)
        ▪ Bath and Body Works
        ▪ The Body Shop
        ▪ Sephora
        ▪ MAC
        ▪ e.l.f. (online)
        ▪ Shoppers Drug Mart
        ▪ Pharma Plus
        ▪ Walmart
¤ The smiles of youth (just for Josh =P)

--- For Kicks ---

¤ For these braces to be gone now!
¤ A new personality? xD
¤ A data plan for my phone!! lol
¤ New camera lenses to play with
¤ Clean and cool roommates for Winter
¤ That when I go to HK in the summer, I DON'T get sick. I'm serious.
¤ For Wet'n'Wild Jumbo Lip Balms to be avaliable again =( No other lip balm compares!
¤ For this to work.
¤ Stomach problems to be gone forever!

~Amy [is playing Glee Christmas songs on repeat]


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