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Happy 2010~

First Laugh: Either my bro's girlfriend's text of saying he's 5 minutes early texting her... or Alex's wishes for me.
First 'Happy New Yea'r to and from: my family
First accusation: My brother killing people 3 minutes into the new years (virtually)
First 'I love you' to and from: Shari
First MSN instant message to and from: Shari
First text to and from: Eileen
First pain: My head from alcohol
First taste: Alcohol. To be more exact, lychee liqueur
First virtual hug and kiss (on the cheek) from: Alex
First "outfit": Purple halter, black tights, black cardigan, and black and grey striped socks
First "make up" on: Voluminous mascara (2 coats), black eyeliner (WnW gel and Almay pencil), MSFN, Maybelline mineral concealer, and WnW jumbo lip balm
First thing to bite: My thumb xD
First puff of cheeks: 12:12 AM
First MSN display pic: "Be better than you were yesterday"
First MSN name: -- & two is better than one
First site visited: Facebook
First FB wall post to and from: Eileen
First "liked" status on fb to and from: Alex
First realization: Oh, there are other people on MSN to say Happy New Year to... xD;;
First thing I saw on TV: My bro playing a racing game
First smell: Cucumber Melon from my Bath and Body Works hand soap =D
First itch: My leg
First LJ comment to: Ayumi
First worry: Alex drinking >.> lol
First goodnight to and from: Daddy
First shower: 1:34 AM
First surveys/memes: Next post where it will be protected >.> lol
First post: THIS!

~Amy [wishes everyone happy 2010, woot new decade!]



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